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Adventures in Hexagons- Blog Tour Conclusion and GIVEAWAY!

Hello! What an exciting couple of weeks! I hope you all enjoyed the blog tour and met some new friends. I am overwhelmed by the fantastic response, and wanted to thank each of you who participated in the tour, by writing posts, commenting on the blogs, following on Facebook and Instagram. . . you guys rock!

Design Possibilities with Adventures in Hexagons

In case you missed the Instagram takeover, I wanted to share one image of a class plan I developed for use with Adventures in Hexagons. It’s called Hello, Rosy.  If you’re a shop owner, you can find the directions for this wallhanging on the C&T website.  If you’re a quilter, please ask about it at your favorite local quilt store.

Bright hexagon wallhanging featuring a bouquet of brightly colored flowers and leaves

Also, here’s a fun little quilt I made to show how easy it is to change the scale of the quilts presented in the book.  It’s called mini-Starburst. I made it following the layout diagrams for the Starburst quilt featured on the cover of the book, but using two alternate blocks. This pattern is not included in the book, however, a layout diagram for it is featured in the Design Primer. I won’t say this was a quick finish, but it kept me busy during lots of volleyball practices and piano lessons!

mini-Starburst quilt, featuring blue, orange, white and pink colors, from the book Adventures in Hexagons


At the start of the tour, I mentioned a freebie pattern for a block that works with all the others in Adventures in Hexagons.  It’s called Sea Star, and you can download it by signing up for my newsletter, on the right side of this page.

Sea Star mug rug pattern, blue and cream hexagons, free pattern by Emily Breclaw

Stay tuned for more Adventures!

Seeing everyone’s perspectives on Adventures in Hexagons has been so much fun! I just don’t want the party to end with the blog tour. So I’ve created a special facebook page for the book.  Please like and follow to share in even more Adventures! I’m planning a Loverly quilt along, starting in September, so you have plenty of time to get the book before it starts. We will be sharing tips and progress photos during the quilt-a-long on Facebook and Instagram, but you’ll be able to get all the information about the project right here on the blog. Here’s a sneak peek of one of the color options I’m working on for the quilt-a-long:

blue and red hexagons showing an alternate colorway for the Loverly quilt pattern


giveaway time!!

We’re giving away a copy of Adventures in Hexagons today too!!  Please comment below for a chance to win: what was your favorite stop on the tour?  I’ll randomly draw a winner on Tuesday, August 8.

Cover image of the Book, Adventures in Hexagons, by Emily Breclaw


Happy Stitching!







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Adventures in Hexagons Blog Tour Update- and Giveaways!!!

Have you been following along this week with the Adventures in Hexagons blog tour?  I hope so! So many fun bloggers, and incredible giveaways.

And we’ve had a couple of updates to the tour, so please refer to the revised schedule below when you’re hopping.  Note especially the revised address for Marti Michell’s stop on the tour.  She’s giving away a hexagon template bundle in addition to the book giveaway, and running a special sale just for the blog hop on the hexagon templates to use with the book quilts. Please be sure to check it out and leave a comment, the odds of winning are fabulous right now!!


July 24- C&T Publishing www.ctpub.com

July 25- Generation Q Magazine http://generationqmagazine.com/

UPDATED!! July 27- Marti Michell http://frommartimichell.blogspot.com/

July 28-Clothworks Fabrics www.clothworks.com

July 29- Cathi Godwin, https://quiltobsession.blog/

July 30- Paper Pieces , www.paperpieces.com

August  1- Mary Huey, http://maryhueyquilts.blogspot.com/

NEW!!! August 2- Linda Franz, www.inklingo.com

NEW!!! August 3- Patty Murphy, https://pattymurphyhandmade.com/

August 4- Cheryl Sleboda, www.Muppin.com

August 5- Wendy Sheppard, https://ivoryspring.wordpress.com/

August 6- Emily Breclaw, right here!!


And, be sure to sign up for my newsletter (on the right of this page) to collect your FREE mug rug pattern.


Hope your weekend is full of hexies and time to stitch with friends!!

Adventures in Hexagons Blog Tour Starts Tomorrow!

Oh, boy do we have a fun-filled blog tour planned for you! I am so excited about the wonderful bloggers who have graciously agreed to help me spread the word about my book.  So please join me on the days and sites listed below, it’s going to be a fantastic adventure. And be sure to comment on each post for a chance to win a copy of Adventures in Hexagons!









See you on the tour!!

July 24- C&T Publishing www.ctpub.com

July 25- Generation Q Magazine http://generationqmagazine.com/

July 27- Marti Michell https://www.frommarti.com/

July 28-Clothworks Fabrics www.clothworks.com

July 29- Cathi Godwin, https://quiltobsession.blog/

July 30- Paper Pieces , www.paperpieces.com

August  1- Mary Huey, http://maryhueyquilts.blogspot.com/

August 4- Cheryl Sleboda, www.Muppin.com

August 5- Wendy Sheppard, https://ivoryspring.wordpress.com/

August 6- Emily Breclaw, right here at the Caffeinated Quilter




Recipe for a Lovely Evening

Our schedule has been a bit hectic lately, with school, scouts, sports, and a business trip mixed in for added insanity.  However, I managed to sneak in a wonderfully quiet evening of hand sewing while the guys were on a camping trip and the younger kiddos went to bed early.  Here’s how I managed it:



One favorite movie

One cup of delicious hot tea (my current fave is Stash decaf Chocolate Hazelnut)

Approximately two dozen fabric patches, already printed and chopped


1.  Get kiddos to bed early

2.  Brew tea.  Replenish by steaming cupfuls as necessary throughout evening

3.  Play movie.  If you intend to accomplish a lot in this evening, put on a movie you know well.

4.  Sew to your heart’s content!  (Or until you run out of patches)




(You can see how the top block looked previously here.)

Happy Stitching!


What’s Up? A Peek At My Design Wall

I’m so excited that we (mostly my husband) installed my new design wall!  Soon, I’ll post a full review of the design wall itself, but I want to try out a couple more things with it to give you a better-formed opinion. In the meantime, I’m starting a new series of “What’s Up?” posts of projects-in-progress.  I kind of thought three rollers might be overkill on this design wall, but they’re all three already full of quilts.  For today, here’s a glimpse of the massive hexagon quilt I’ve been working on for ages.


This quilt has been languishing in a box for months.  I couldn’t figure out how to start putting all the sections together without spreading it out.  And quilts on the floor simply aren’t safe since the baby became mobile.  Now I can see that I need to finish up the two kite blocks (in the top right and bottom left corners), so they will align with the rest of the quilt.  Then I’ll start from the center and start piecing the 3″ hexies to the medallion and work my way out from there.  I still have a bunch of fussy cut and pieced 3″ hexies to fill in the gaps, so I’m hoping this quilt will go together fairly quickly.

What are you working on this weekend?

Happy Stitching!


Odds and Ends

Here’s a finished hexagon puzzle block ready to fit into the big hexagon quilt.  I like the secondary hexagon in blue here, and think it will fit well into the overall design.  Five more hexagon puzzle blocks are in various stages of completion.  All will have the same center diamond colors, but some variation in the hexagon and half-hexagon borders.  If I’m doing the math right, I think I only have about thirty more hexagons to complete for this quilt top.

Last week my inkjet printer died, at a MOST inconvenient time.  Hopefully we can get it fixed or replaced soon.  In the meantime, I have a stack of freezer paper and fabric ready to print, and no way to print it.  I guess that’s a good thing, as it’s keeping me focused on other projects instead of playing with the rainbow flowers.

Last post I mentioned the Quilting Gallery’s Glorious Autumn Block Party.  Yesterday Pat Sloan started the party with a fun applique block, you should definitely check it out.  I’m super-excited to see all of the blocks, and learn more about each of the designers.  Be sure to add Quilting Gallery to your blog reader, you won’t want to miss these next three months of fun blocks, giveaways, and good online deals.  Speaking of, I need to get back to designing.  So many ideas, so little time!!

Happy Stitching!

Hexagon Puzzle

Yesterday, while perusing the internet, I stumbled across an interesting block called “Hexagon Puzzle.”  The links from the images were broken, however, and it wasn’t until today that I found a good link with a picture.  At first, I was lost as to how the quilter made the block look like folded overlapping diamonds.  Then I realized the center was kites!

Remember me happy dancing about the new Inklingo Rose Star collection a couple of weeks (months?!) ago?  Well, here’s another amazing use for that collection.  I recieved some puzzled comments when I first posted about these kites.  I’m not talking about using Inklingo to make flying objects, but refering to the shape you get when you divide a hexagon into sixths through the center of each side.

These little shapes are a TON of fun.  If you search “Rose Star” quilts, you’ll find all sorts of lovely quilts with these kites as the focus of the design.

Or, you can pair them with triangles and get this:

So cool!  In the link above, this design was used as an allover pattern, with hexagons in between the star units.  I’m going to work them into my massive hexagon quilt a little bit differently.  More on that later.

Here’s how it looks with before piecing:

I love how easy this is.  The kite center goes together quickly, and if you’re hand piecing, you can sew the triangles around in one continuous seam.  There’s no y-seams at this point, so you could also make the stars by machine.  My machine, however, is holding tenaciously to a finicky tension for the Tumbling Snowflake quilt, so I’m not touching those settings for a little project like this.

If you’re interested in doing this with Inklingo, I used the 18″ Rose Star collection for the kites and the 3″ 60 degree diamond for the triangles.  You would also need the 3″ hexagon collection for the setting between the stars.

In other news, I’m really excited to be a part of the Glorious Autumn Block party starting in a couple of weeks with the Quilting Gallery.  You can click on the button at the top right for more information.  45 designers (including me!) will be posting block designs with the Quilting Gallery throughout September, October, and November.  There will also be featured deals with lots of fabulous online shops.  Stay tuned for more information on that one, my block will be up on November 7th.

Happy Stitching!



Center Medallion for the Hexagon Quilt

Here’s the centerpiece for my “Candied hexagon” quilt.  I think I need a new name for this quilt.  “Candied Hexagons” refers to a pattern published in an Australian magazine that features a variety of pieced hexagons that finish at 3″ on a side.  I have a bunch of those in this quilt.  But it is also going to have some modified Rose Star blocks, and blocks like this center medallion of my own creation.  The medallion above has hexagons still measuring at 3″ on a side, but arranged to give the impression of a much larger star than one inside a 3″ hexagon.

Here’s how all of my blocks look together, so far:

I had to laugh at myself when I was arranging these.  I’m planning this to be a queen size quilt, so I sketched the basic idea out in Electric Quilt.  From there, I determined the quilt to be 10 hexagons across by 16 down.  So, I need 160 hexagons, right?  Well, there’s about 80 in the picture above, and it’s nowhere near queen sized.  Then I realized that with this being an “on-point” layout, I wasn’t counting the hexes nestled between those that make up the 10 by 16 dimensions.  So I’m only about a quarter of the way through.  Oh, well.  That leaves plenty of room to design some more rosettes!

In case these fun hexies have inspired you to try your hand at Inklingo (which is what I’m using to make this quilt), you should check out the Inklingo site.  She’s running a sale on some special sizes of hexagons this week! One of the sizes is 3/8″ on a side.  That’s insanely tiny, but what possibilities!  Wouldn’t that make a fun doll quilt?

Happy Stitching!

Summer Vacation Part 2- and Inklingo Kites!!

Yesterday I promised pictures. . . And then Linda released the Inklingo Kite Collection that I have been hoping for ever since I first laid eyes on the exquisite Rose Star Block.  I am SOO excited about this shape!  Then, I realized that by leaving off a few kites, I could make it fit in with my pieced hexagon quilt.  So I accomplished very little of the unpacking and laundry that was on yesterday’s to do list.  But I did print enough kites for a block-

This is going to be so cool!!  I can’t wait to do a whole quilt of these.  They’re not for the faint of heart though, each block has a whopping 72 kites.  And Linda included lots of layouts in the collection to accomodate straight grain on different edges, fussy cutting, and striped fabric.  The 18″ collection has kites that make a 3″ hexagon (and is shown above).  What I wouldn’t give for more hours in a day. . ..

Here are some of my finds from our vacation.  Before we left, I went to Quilt Among Friends in search of backing for the Tumbling Snowflakes.  Not only did they have a perfect batik, but they also recommended a shimmery glide thread that’s going to look amazing for the quilting.  That’s more thread than I’ve ever bought in one fell swoop before.

And here’s the fabric for the Korean Alphabet quilt.  I love the bright colors.

Now I’m off to finish something.  Any something.  Even if it’s just clearing the breakfast dishes.  I officially have WAY too many projects started, and it’s making me a little bit batty.  In a good way, of course!

Happy Stitching!

A Seam Here, A Seam There. . .

. . . .And before you know it, a quilt begins to take shape.  I’ve been working on this hexagon quilt in bits and pieces.  Maybe I sketch a design one day, and print a couple of pages of shapes another day.  Some days I’ll cut out one or two big hexagons while cutting something for another project.  Pieces for a hexagon will tuck into a bag and I’ll sew them on a road trip.  I never seem to get completely taken up in this project all at once.  But the other day, after adding to the piles of completed hexagons, curiousity got the better of me.  I had to lay the quilt out and see how far I’d come.

Quite a ways, but there’s still a LOT to be done.  I’m working on a center medallion right now.  Once that medallion’s finished, I’ll be halfway through the 180 pieced hexies this quilt needs to finish at queen sized.   Truth be told, I’m enjoying this journey way too much to hurry to the end.

Happy Stitching!