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A Last Look at 2013

One of the things I love about WordPress is the end-of-year blogging report.  It’s fun to see the entire year in a few statistical snapshots.  For example, last year people visited this site from 110 different countries.  How cool is that?!?  And of all things, my post about the classic Hexagon Puzzle  block generated the most views of the entire year.

But when I think back on the year, other posts and events come to mind.  Some of my most exciting events of 2013 were:

5-The success of the Delectable Watermelon pattern.  Honestly, I almost didn’t publish this one, as I thought it wouldn’t interest people.  I was wrong, happily!


4-Getting published, not once, but twice, in Stitch magazine.  I’m hoping for more happy returns in this department for 2014!



3- Entering a quilt in the Hoffman Challenge.  I can’t wait to see it in the traveling show in January.


2-Attending Quilt Market in October.  What an adventure!  I learned so much, and met so many fantastic people.  I can’t wait to go again next year!

1- The chance to work with so many truly inspiring people.  I’m so grateful for each and every one of you.  I appreciate the lovely comments you leave on my blog so faithfully.  I appreciate your feedback on new patterns and tutorials.  I appreciate the references to my blog that you post on your own sites. I love it when you pin images from my site onto pinterest, or like them on facebook.  I wish I could sit around the kitchen table and visit with each of you over a hot cup of coffee and plate of fresh cookies.

Looking ahead to 2014, I’m so excited about all the possibilities I see.  I’m planning two new monthly series:  one on tips and tricks to pattern design, and one on learning more about Japanese quilting through an in-depth study of Yoko Saito’s book, Japanese Taupe Color Theory. What would you like to see at the Caffeinated Quilter?

Happy New Year!!




  1. Elizabeth says:

    What a neat way to look back at your year, and what a blessed year it was! I like the sound of the series you have planned. I love the sewing adventures with your munchkins, too. And, I am looking forward to more new quilts by The Caffeinated Quilter. You inspire me to do more 🙂

  2. Hillary says:

    Happy new year!! I like the innovative tips you give and the projects you have worked on with and for the kiddos. I look forward to trying them out with my own! And I love to see the projects and quilts you have done! So proud of you!!

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