Nine-Patch Star

Ever since I first looked through Quilter’s Academy Volume 4 (see my original post about it here), I’ve been interested in the Nine Patch Star.

9 patch star






Last night I pulled out some fabric and made the diamonds for one.  The book’s directions were excellent, and I was pleased with how well it went together.  My diamonds are a bit smaller than they should be though, so now I need to go back and figure out if I’m sewing too big a seam allowance, or not pressing correctly.  If I can get that straight, these mesmerizing stars will be going into a new pattern.

For as much as I’ve been quilting the past week, one photo seems a little paltry for a blog post.  But in the next couple weeks, I’ll be sharing a couple of new patterns, a book review with a baby quilt sample, and a new kaleidescope project I’m starting, so bear with me!  What’s on your list for this weekend?

Happy Stitching!



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6 Responses to Nine-Patch Star

  1. Isabel says:

    That’s lovely! I love the red and white!!! I wonder if you could sneak some redwork in there! :) This weekend – I’m spending the weekend shuffling various kids to various things, and hopefully ekeing out enough time to swing by starbucks. LOL! Saturday is seriously bonzo, but it’s all a good thing, right?!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Oh, that star is beautiful! This weekend – birthday party for my daughter, who is turning 10. With a family visit and church things mixed in, it will be enough. :) You are teasing us with your plans. Eagerly awaiting!

  3. Laura says:

    Love the star Emily!
    It isn’t the weekend anymore, but between work shifts (extra hours for a while), I have managed to design a red and white quilt for SewCalGal’s challenge…Phase II.

  4. Hillary says:

    This is gorgeous- can’t wait to see what you do with it!! =0) this weekend we have been working on mj’s baby doll quilts for her and her friends! =0)

  5. Kathy Towers says:

    It always surprises me that I am so drawn to red and white… LOVE the star!
    Look forward to seeing more…
    Art contests all weekend-possibly get to quilt this summer…

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