Atomic Fireball

This morning I realized I’d never posted a picture of my finished kaleidescope quilt.  So here’s my “Atomic Fireball” in all its wild and fiery glory.

Atomic Fireball






I made it with the From Marti Michell kaleidescope ruler, which you can read more about from the original post.  I quilted it in a huge spiral using my home machine and a walking foot.  It was a ton of fun to quilt. Now this quilt is safely with its new owner, and I find myself missing the bright colors. But I have lots of scraps leftover, and a son who would really like a version of this quilt on his bed too, so perhaps there’s a chance of an encore.

For now, though, I’m working furiously on my American Made Brand challenge quilt, and trying my hardest not to stalk the Hofffman Challenge facebook page to see when they post the results.

Linking up to Fort Worth Fabric Studio’s Friday Fabric Frenzy.

Hope you have a weekend filled with smiles and time to stitch!!




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4 Responses to Atomic Fireball

  1. Laura says:

    I don’t blame your son for wanting this quilt! I like the colors too! Fun quilt!

  2. Kathy Towers says:

    What a FUN quilt!!!

  3. Cheryl says:

    What a great looking quilt! I love the bright colors and the design you used.

  4. Hillary says:

    The colors in this quilt are so bold and strong! Definitely a fun one for the boys!!

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