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My 2014 Hoffman Challenge Quilt

Today the winners and travelers for the Hoffman Challenge were posted.  I’m over the moon that my quilt will be travelling for the next year! Here are some photos of the overall quilt, and close-ups to show the quilting and blocks.

2014 Hoffman Challenge Emily Breclaw








I named it “Fiesta on the Riverwalk.”  I grew up in San Antonio, Texas, with all of the gorgeous Hispanic influences.  The fabric made me think of Folklorico dancers, embroidered Mexican dresses, the Battle of the Flowers parade, and all the posters my mom has collected from the Night in Old San Antonio festivals.

The challenge rules stipulate a “noticeable amount” of the challenge fabric, plus whatever other fabric you’d like.  I used the challenge fabric and one pastel stripe for the blocks, plus third fabric for the background.

Hoffman fabric and thread






I quilted concentric circles in the blocks, and the block intersections, using a wide variety of thread colors.

Quilting Hoffman Challenge






I quilted the borders in a variegated thread, with circles and spokes inspired by the motif in the fabric background.

close-up Hoffman Challenge






The blocks themselves are based on Lucy Boston’s Patchwork of the Crosses.  My hexagons are only 3/4″ on a side (the original quilt had 1″ sides).  I also really took liberties with the symmetry of the blocks.  Traditional POTC quilts are very symmetric, but in mine, I had fun making the designs swirl in unexpected ways.  I also left off the sashing hexagon rows.  However, I English paper pieced the entire quilt, just like Lucy Boston did hers.

center block Hoffman Challenge






The finished quilt is 31″ square.  I can’t even remember how many hundreds of EPP hexies and squares are in it, but it’s a bunch.  If you’re heading to Houston this fall for Market or Festival, you’ll be able to see this quilt in the Hoffman exhibit.  Happiness!  Also, be sure to check out the Hoffman Challenge website.  The winning quilts are incredibly amazing.

I’ve got several other exciting things to share with you over the next couple of weeks, so please stop by often!  This month’s Japanese Quilting Study Group is an extra-special one.  A reader sent me photographs of her taupe projects and they are incredible! I hope to have those posted for you by the end of the week.

Happy Stitching!



  1. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve been eagerly awaiting results with you! Congratulations!!!!!! So very excited! The quilt is absolutely stunning! And, they do remind me of folklorico dancers. Well done, my friend!!

  2. Laura says:

    I also have been waiting to see the results. Congratulations Emily! What a colorful and festive quilt! You deserve the honor to have your treasure traveling with the Hoffman Challenge exhibit!

  3. Hillary says:

    I was (proudly) showing Bob the picture of your quilt and told him it was only made with 2 pieces of fabric. He didn’t believe me! =0) It is SO gorgeous!!

  4. Celtic Cate says:

    A HUGE congrats on your Hoffman winner. Hexes are a great love of mine and are the original way I found your blog (lucky day!). The way you implemented and positioned the fabrics for your quilt is truly beautiful. How fun to know that it will be traveling and inspiring so many others!! It will make people happy (and likely inspire others to challenge themselves). SO fun!! Thanks for sharing.

  5. julie says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!! There was never a doubt that your quilt would win! Guess that means it will be a while before I see it up close. You are AMAZING!!!

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