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Simple Bowl Cozy Tutorial

Back before Christmas, I posted about making some fun bowl cozies.  I made a bunch more for Christmas gifts.  Which was all well and good, except for one major problem.  I broke TWO of my heavy-duty, Titanium sewing machine needles on the final round of topstitching.  Not cool.

So I started wondering- was there some way to make the cozies WITHOUT having to turn them right-side out and topstitch the opening closed over all those layers of batting and fabric?

Bowl Cozy






Yes.  There is.  And the added bonus to this method is you get a schnazzy little border along the top of the cozy that makes it look all spiffy.  So here’s my tutorial for simple bowl cozies.  A huge thank-you to Andover Fabrics for providing the lovely Allison Glass Sunprint fabrics that you see in the pictures below.








  • One 10″ square fabric (leftover layer cake squares work great)
  • One 12″ square fabric (this will be the outside of the cozy and the border layer)
  • Two 10″ squares of Pellon Wrap ‘n’ Zap batting (hint:  a one yard package will make six cozies)
  • 100% cotton thread
  • Template plastic- this is optional, but may be handy if you’re going to make a bunch of these.
  • Clover wonder clips- also optional, but they certainly make life easier


1. Layer one square of batting and the 10″ square of fabric- wrong side touching batting.  Pin baste.


2. Center second square of batting on the wrong side of the 12″ square of batting. Pin baste.

basting 12 inch







3. Quilt both squares.  On the 12″ square, don’t quilt beyond the batting (i.e.- on the fabric that extends past the batting). You can free-motion quilt these, or do straight lines, anything goes here.







4. Make a dart template from my dart template (it’s free, just a little one page document I created instead of explaining the dimensions of the triangle). You can make yours with template plastic, or just cut it out from plain paper.

5. Fold the 10″ square in half through the middle of the sides right sides together, and line up the template along the folded edge.  Mark a dart on the top and bottom sides.  Make sure the top of the dart is aligned with the middle line of the template.  Unfold the square and refold through the middle of the other two sides.  Mark darts on each end of the fold again.

10 inch template






6.  In the same manner, mark darts on the 12″ square.  This time, however, align your template top with the top of the fabric square.

marking darts







darts marked 12 inch








7.  Sew darts, stitching on the line you traced in steps above.

sew darts






8.  Trim excess fabric from darts, leaving about a 1/4″ allowance between your seam and cutting line.

clip darts






9. Press dart seam allowances open.

10.  Take both squares and line them up so that the batting squares are aligned.

wrong sides together















11.  Now you’re going to double fold that extra fabric from the 12″ square to create your border.  I find it easier to start this at a dart.  Fold the extra fabric so that it touches your 10″ square.

center first fold







12.  Now fold the 12″ square fabric again so that the fold overlaps the 10″ square fabric.  Pin in place, or hold with clover wonder clips.  Continue folding and pinning until you reach the corner.

center clip







13.  As you turn the corner, fold the next edge of fabric into a small triangle that touches the 10″ square.  Fold again to create a mitered corner.  I like to pin at the very edge of this corner so that when I’m sewing the border down, I don’t have to remove the clip until my needle is in the fabric on the second side.

corner fold






corner clipped







14. Continue folding and pinning around the other three sides of the cozy.

all clipped







15. Topstitch all the way around your cozy, keeping your needle a scant 1/8″ from the fold line.

finished two







16.  Enjoy your new bowl cozy!

17.  Try it with a yummy bowl of baked oatmeal from this terrific recipe.








Cozy can be machine washed and dried.

Happy Stitching!






  1. Elizabeth says:

    Fantastic! I had been eagerly awaiting this tutorial because I think we need some at our house. Glad I waited after hearing about broken needles – YIKES! And someone wonderful got me those Clover clips a little while back. I think they need a workout. Now I’m tempted to go to the store today to get that batting. Nope, gotta wait for a couple of other things to move 🙂 Thanks for the tutorial!!!

  2. lisa simmons says:

    do you make these for sale? I am looking for 50 possible more . I am a potter in Asheboro NC and I think this would be a great fit with my pieces. I don’t need these right away. I have my first show in August however I will take them sooner. Thanks

    • Emily says:

      Hi Lisa, I have made some for sale at our church craft fair, but nothing in that quantity. I will send you an e-mail in the next couple of days and we can talk more about this. Thank you!

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