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Quilting up a Storm

This past weekend, my 11-year-old daughter and I spent a LOT of quality time in the studio. The recent flooding in Louisiana has hit three families of our extended family hard. While I’m a firm believer in the power of prayer, I really wanted to be DOING something to help as well. And, well, yeah- the natural progression of that thought process is make quilts! (Shocking, I know).

So we started rummaging through our stashes, and pulled out every scrap of cheerful bright pink in the house, to make 4 coordinating girls quilts. We decided to use a fun pattern from Me and My Sister designs called Simply Cakes 1,2,3. My daughter ironed fabric, I cut pieces and pinned, she sewed them together, and soon we had quilt tops all over the place!

We also needed fabric for two boy quilts, but our stash didn’t yield much in the way of good choices there. So we went shopping for superhero fabric.  We’re using the same pattern for these two quilts, but they’re going to look very different!

boy quilt2

Now I’m starting to play with quilting designs.  I was going to keep life simple and snuggly and meander quilt all 6 of these quilts. But I’m a longtime follower of Lori Kennedy’s blog, and it seems like she’s been reading my mind lately.  As I was basting quilts, she was writing a blog post about “meander no more.” To top it off, she then suggested  alternate free motion designs, one perfect for girly quilts, and one suitable for boys. So, I guess I’m going to learn some new designs on these.  Here’s one of the girl quilts with my sketchbook attempt at Lori’s “Flower Power” design.

girl quilt

I foresee quite a bit of quilting in my future, but it’s going to be a great opportunity to practice!  Does your weekend forecast include quilting?




Happy Stitching!




  1. Linda says:

    Emily. Are you using a sit down mid arm? How r you finding it so far? I have been practicing and practising and still struggle with tension. It looks like she is a tin Lizzie. I have the same however it’s under the Janone name artistic Sd18. Just thought I would sent a note

  2. Elizabeth says:

    So glad that you get to send tangible love too! You amaze me! Loving the colors and the white and the pattern. WOW! Our weekend hopefully involves a second (as in the first one is done) stuffed animal chair for our house. 🙂 What is a stuffed animal chair? A bean bag in which you stuff all the extra plushies that darling children do not really play with but cannot stand to part with. 🙂 A fantastic pinterest idea 🙂 Soon, vest season will be over and I will be back to quilting.

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