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Introducing: Adventures in Hexagons

I would like to introduce you to Adventures in Hexagons, my very first published book.


Yesterday I received the spring C&T catalog in the mail. Seeing the book images and marketing text was like holding my dream in my hands. It’s real. And in May 2017, it will be a reality in book stores and quilt stores too.


Adventures in HexagonsMy goal with this book was twofold- to help readers learn to sew hexagon in the manner best suited to them, and to help quilters design their own hexagon quilts. So the book essentially has three sections.  The first is devoted to explaining English paper piecing, hand sewing with templates, and machine sewing with templates. The second section includes 11 quilt patterns of varying sizes and skill levels.  Every one of them can be pieced by EPP, or by hand or machine with templates. If you’re an Inklingo fan, I’ve included finished shape sizes with all of the cutting instructions to make navigating the patterns simpler for you.

The final section of the book is a Design Primer. With it, you can take any of the blocks in the book, or your own hexagon block creations, and turn them into unique, fantastic quilts.

Here are a couple more pages from the C&T catalog where they show images of the quilts from the book.catalog-page2

catalog-page3 I can’t wait to share more about the book and the quilts in the coming months. I’ll also host a blog tour next summer, and a special quilt along for an entirely new quilt inspired by the book.

But before all of that, I want to extend a very, very heartfelt thank-you to you, dear readers. Throughout this adventure in hexagons, you have been my support and encouragement.  Your comments on the blog and interactions on social media, and your friendship made this book possible, and I am truly blessed to know you. Thank you.



Happy Stitching!




  1. Elizabeth says:

    WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations! So incredibly excited for you!!!! I can’t wait for the quilt along and more. And I am super duper ooper shmooper excited to hold that book! Blessings, friend!

  2. Celtic Cate says:

    YAY!! Blessings and wonders and congrats and !!!!! I am thrilled for you, dear Emily!!! I can’t wait to add it to my library, and even more so, to use it. All of your hard work held between the book covers…blessed be!!!! May it be blessed, find a wide readership, and bless everyone who holds it in their hands. Your humble fan, C.

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