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Kanzashi Flower Candle Coaster Tutorial

Okay, hopefully the internet fairies will smile upon today’s attempted post.  Here goes!


Materials Needed:

  • 10 inch square green felt
  • 10 inch square pink felt
  • approximately 12 Kanzashi flowers (I used mostly the 2″ size, with one 3″ for fun)
  • 12 buttons (1 for each flower), 1/2 inch to 1 inch in diameter
  • wash-out pen, fabric scissors, hand quilting thread, needle and thimble

Use the template below to trace the scalloped circle onto each sheet of felt.  (You can either print the template four times and tape it together for a complete circle, or fold your felt into fourths and place the template where both straight lines align with the folded edges of the felt). Cut out the two scalloped circles.

kanzashi template2

Lay the green square of felt on top of the pink one and make adjust to ensure the pink scallops show between the green ones.  Now for the fun!  Arrange the kanzashi flowers in a wide circle on the green felt, overlapping as needed.  Once you’re happy with the flowers, place the buttons, one on top of each flower.

Carefully remove each flower, with the button still on top, to the outside of your workspace.  Make sure each flower is kept in the same order as on the coaster.  Move the pink felt temporarily.

Take the first flower and button, and place them back on the green felt.  With a hand sewing needle and strong knotted thread, come up from underneath the green felt, through the flower center, and through one button hole.  Go back down through the second hole in the button, then the flower center, and finally the green felt.  Reinforce by repeating this stitch two or three times.

Continue adding flowers next to the first one.  You do not need to knot and trim thread between flowers, so long as you don’t pull the thread too tightly and pucker the coaster.  Make sure each flower you add nestles in close to the one already sewn.  Somehow, as I went around my coaster, I ended up with a flower left out.

So I just nestled it in close to another flower of the same style, and I don’t think anyone will notice it was a mistake.

Now, take the pink scalloped circle of felt.  Trace a six inch circle centered on the felt (a bowl works well for a tracing circle).

Place the pink circle underneath the green one.  Be sure to offset the scallops as before, and make sure the circle you just traced is still visible (i.e., place the side of the pink felt without the circle against the side of the green felt without the flowers).

Use several pins to baste the two felt circles together.  Now, turn the coaster over.  With a hand sewing needle and strong thread, stitch around the six inch circle using a running stitch (Bury the knot of the thread between the two felt layers before you start stitching).  Make sure you go through both the pink and green layers with each stitch.  I also used this as an opportunity to anchor the back side of any flower petals that landed along my circle of stitching.  When you have stitched around the entire circle, knot your thread close to the last stitch, and bury the knot and tail between the two layers of felt.  Trim thread.  Remove the basting pins and you’re finished!

As always, if you use this tutorial, I would love to see pictures of your coaster!  Please also feel free to comment below if you have any questions.

Happy Stitching!



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