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Update on the Loverly Quilt-a-Long

Soo, I decided to give y’all an extra week to finish up piecing your Loverly table topper!  (Yeah, that’s it. .  .and I’m kind of too swamped with Quilt Market prep to finish a real post this week. . . ) My apologies for the delay, but we’ll get back to quilting on it next week, I promise!

In the meantime, piecing leads to pressing, and if you’re hand or machine piecing, you may be wondering how to press your seams (if you’re English Paper piecing, you can skip this, you’re all set to press in the direction you basted).

C&T to the rescue!  Check out my new video on the C&T website, and coming soon to my youtube channel, to get all of your pressing questions answered!!  (Get it? Hah! Sewing pun!!)

Happy Stitching, and PLEASE, follow me on FB and IG for lots of behind-the-scenes fun from Quilt Market this weekend!!




  1. Elizabeth says:

    Have so much fun at Market! I am started but it will be spring before Loverly is finished at the rate I am going. And I am okay with that. Glad your blog keeps back posts for my delays.

    But I did finish that quilt top surprise I took as my weekend project! Yahoo!!!

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