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Hexagonal Tilings and Patterns: Book Review

Today I want to share with you a fun book that you probably won’t find in quilt stores (yet!). Several months ago, Richard Hollos contacted me after he saw my book, Adventures in Hexagons, at his local library. He asked if I’d be interested in reviewing his book, Hexagonal Tilings and Patterns. Intrigued, I said I’d be delighted to, and I’m glad I did.


Hexagonal Tilings and Patterns book with a cup of coffee










This book shows lots of tessellating hexagon patterns.  Each of the 132 pages has a unique hexagonal tiling design on it. Some of them would make great quilts!

inside picture of Hexagonal Tilings and Patterns, showing a hexagon flower design










Others are very complex,  or have open-ended shapes that wouldn’t work so well for quilts. But they’re inspiring, nonetheless.

inside image of Hexagonal Tilings and Patterns showing a star design










And a feature of the book that I thought was pretty clever is the creative license agreement in the front of the book.The authors give you permission to use the hexagonal tilings in any way you want to (including quilt designs!) so long as you reference them as the tiling source. I may take them up on this, several of their designs look like fabulous quilts.

They also gave me a second copy of the book to share with one of you! Leave a comment below for your chance to win. (I apologize for the weirdness of my wordpress theme.  If you can’t see the comment box, scroll back to the top of the page, click on the title of this post, and then scroll back down, where the comment box has magically appeared.) For an extra chance to win, head over to Instagram and follow me there. . .Then come back and leave another comment telling me you’re following on IG. I’ll select a winner randomly next Thursday, January 26, and post the winner’s name on my next blog post.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Elizabeth says:

    Those tilings are fun! In what area of the library might I find such a book. And how cool, that your book is in libraries 🙂 Wow!

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