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Here There Be Dragons. . .

Lately I’ve been spending time in the studio for a myriad of reasons.  Business, scouts, projects for friends and family, but, shamefully, not much time for my own kiddos.  So when I saw the cover of the fall Living Crafts magazine while buying felt for Cub Scouts, I knew I had a project to prioritize.  My youngest daughters helped pick out the felt, and I started crafting dragons.  Here’s the results:

Should you find yourself similarly obsessed by the cuteness of these dragons, a single disclaimer:  I had a heck of a time figuring out that pattern.  I loved her idea, but had to pretty much find my own way after step 1, “cut out the pieces referring to the pattern templates.”  That very well may just be me.  I’ve never made something this three dimensional before.  So, you’ve been warned.  Be also warned that these little guys are a bit addictive.  I’m already plotting color combinations for more.  It was irresistably fun to make something with so much personality.

This weekend passed by in a blur for me- or perhaps “flurry” would be the better word.  My amazing husband sat down with Tumbling Snowflakes and organized all the blocks and pieces that went into each block, making it much easier for me to start figuring out cutting diagrams and piecing instructions.

Then we went fabric shopping.  If you’re ever in the mid-cities area, may I strongly recommend a visit to Quilt Among Friends.  They’re easy to find, near Cowboys Stadium and the Ballpark at Arlington, and the ladies there are FABULOUS.  Say nothing of the fact that the store has the best collection of batiks, Japanese fabrics, bright colors, Sashiko supplies, English paper piecing supplies and patterns. . . . I could go on and on.  Saturday they were celebrating Leap Day for the quilters who had to work on leap day by continuing their sale of “buy three yards, get three free.”  Yes, you read that right.  Yes, my jaw dropped too.  I came home a happy camper.

Then I started printing Inklingo shapes for Tumbling Snowflakes.  I fought my printer for a while, never realizing that the freezer paper I’d inherited from my grandmother’s quilting stash was the real culprit for my paper jam troubles.  Then I finished that roll and opened a new one.  Epiphany!  Did you know freezer paper is WHITE?!  (Okay, yes, you’re welcome to laugh at me).  So long yellow freezer paper from yesteryear.  Hello problem free printing!  Now I’m happily printing, cutting, and sewing.  I’ve decided to do all the straight seams on my machine, and all the y-seams by hand (Inklingoists call this hybrid piecing).  I’m loving it.  Here’s a peek at how far I’ve gotten:


Don’t you just LOVE those blues?  I’m so excited, I can hardly see straight.  Thinking of Inklingo, be sure to check out the Inklingo blog.  Linda has posted more of the top 25 quilts in the Love the Lines Contest, and they are awe-inspiring.

Happy Stitching!


  1. hillary says:

    The dragons are ADORABLE!!! I bet the FAB 4 are having sooooo much fun playing with them! And I can’t wait to see Tumbling Snowflakes once it is done! (The pattern picture is lovely, but I know the quilt is going to be even more gorgeous!!)
    p.s.- what kind of coffee do you drink? I think I need to start drinking it- maybe then I would get 1/2 the amount you get done!!

    • Emily says:

      LOL!!!! Thank you. And I drink mostly Folgers, with a Starbucks thrown in occasionally for momentum 🙂 And I gave up sleep for Lent. J/K

  2. Cathi says:

    Those dragons are adorable!
    I can’t wait to see the first of your snowflakes come into being. That quilt is going to be absolutely stunning.

  3. Isabel says:

    The dragons turned out awesome!!! And the fabrics for the snowflakes quilt is perfect!!! Can’t wait to see it!!

  4. Your epiphany made me laugh! Sorry about the yellow freezer paper. Many years ago, we could only get brown freezer paper in Canada, not the nice white. It was useless for tracing to make templates, but of course brown is fine for Inklingo. Antique yellow freezer paper is a new one on me. I’m glad you solved the problem.
    Congratulations again on winning the big prize!!

    • Emily says:

      Thank you! I’m amazed at how quickly the pressing freezer paper/printing stage went with this project. Now I understand how so many Inklingoists finish oodles of quilts, even when hand pieced!

  5. Megan says:

    Emily! Where’s the pattern for these things? I made the mistake of letting the kids see them. Now everyone wants one for Christmas. “Things” being the dragons of course.

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