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Hand Piecing Quarter Inch Seam Guide

If you’ve been keeping up with me lately, you know my printer is out of comission.  For an Inklingo quilter, this is devastating.  I’m keeping up with my hexagon quilt using my Marti Michell templates.  This is great for cutting out shapes.  They come with drilled dots to help you trace the seam lines.  I truly detest tracing those quarter inch lines, however.  It’s so tedious.  As I was sewing the other night, I started wondering about a visual guide to help me see the seam allowance.  And I came up with this idea:

I taped a bit of masking tape, a quarter inch wide, to my thumbnail.  Perhaps it’s a cheap trick, but it’s working wonderfully for me.  I don’t “eyeball” quarter inch seams well like most hand-piecers, but with the tape a little away from the needle, I can sew them pretty accurately.  Next time I’m at JoAnn’s, I’ll pick up some of the quilter’s masking tape that comes on rolls a quarter inch wide, and then I won’t even have to measure and cut the tape!

Happy Stitching!


  1. frummie says:


    This is wonderful! I have to go try this out on some of the Yin Yangs that didn’t print properly. This new printer’s ink stinks…it doesn’t wash out.

    Hugs Sweetie,


  2. Sew Cal Gal says:

    Wow! Amazingly so simple but so effective. The only thing I might do is to polish my nail with a 1/4″ strip down the middle of my thumb.

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