New Pattern: Tumbling Snowflakes

I’m so excited to announce that this pattern is finally finished.  And the quilt is on display in the Pattern Peddlers booth at Quilt Market!  Happy, happy day!!

Making this quilt has been such a journey, it hardly seems possible that I only started on it earlier this year.

Every snowflake in the quilt is quilted slightly differently, so even the ones that are pieced the same look unique.

The pattern is designed for use with Inklingo or the From Marti Michell hexagon template set.  I strongly recommend both.  But if you’re a fan of making your own templates, traceable ones are also included in the pattern.  (Thanks to my amazing husband, who can do in an hour what it would take me a month to figure out in Adobe Illustrator).  This pattern also includes detailed diagrams for each and every row in the quilt.

As with my other designs, you can buy a copy from the Pattern Peddlers through your favorite local quilt store, or download the pattern from my Craftsy shop.

Now that it’s all finished, I’m ready to start another one.  I’ve been playing with color schemes in EQ.  I LOVE the “swap fabric” feature in EQ.

I can’t decide which of the three I like best.  I’m leaning towards the red at the moment, though.  Which is your favorite?

Happy Stitching!

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9 Responses to New Pattern: Tumbling Snowflakes

  1. Pat C says:

    The red is nice but I have to say my favorite is the black with the multi-colored snowflakes.

    Happy quilting,

  2. Isabel says:

    Congrats on finishing the pattern, it looks INCREDIBLE!! :)

    BTW, I like the red and white best, but then I have a real affinity for redwork too.

  3. Hillary says:

    YAY!!! Your quilt looks fantastic!!! And I like all 3 of the others but I am drawn to the blue. Crazy how it completely changes the look! You don’t want to have too many snowflake quilts around so I will be happy to take the first one off your hands so you have room for the new one… Yes, I would do that for you… =0)

  4. Julie says:

    RED, DEFINITELY RED is my favorite!! I am soooo excited for you to have finished this pattern. It is gorgeous!

  5. Kathy Towers says:

    I LOVE the red, but your original is the prettiest!!!
    I am sooo happy for you! Hooray for YOU!!!

  6. Cathy Witt says:

    Definitely red!

  7. Elizabeth says:

    WOW!! Your original is my favorite, but I’m loving the look of the dark color with the multi-colored snowflakes. The red would be so gorgeous in Mary’s house. Such wonderful options!! WOW!!!!!!

  8. Simone says:

    I like the black background but the red is my go for it one. Beautiful pattern.

  9. Elly D says:

    Oh WOW! Emily this is such a gorgeous design :) I’m happy you now have a Craftsy store outlet for you patterns. Congratulations!!

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