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Mug Rug from Sizzix Big Shot “Scraps”

This week we made ornaments for our American Heritage Girls troop Christmas party.  I bought a brand-new Sizzix die, Christmas Trees, so I could precut the trees before the party.

Girls, glue and sequins– we had a blast!

I was VERY grateful for the die.  This would have been a daunting project by hand, but it only took a couple of minutes to cut all of these:

That being said, I was mortified at the amount of wasted felt left over:

It seemed such a shame to throw it all away, but I couldn’t figure out what to do with it.  Then. . .  .

Oh, yeah! Mug rugs for everyone on my baked goodies list.  These go together extremely quickly. And they’d probably work with other Sizzix die scraps too.  I’m curious to play with this technique with my big 4 inch circle.  But here’s a sweet and simple tutorial if you’d like to make your own.


Sizzix Christmas tree die and Big Shot machine, (2) 9 x 6 inch pieces of felt, 5.5 x 8.5 inch piece of scrap batting, 5.5 by 8.5 inch rectangle of Christmas fabric, scrap of yellow felt, small yellow button, basting spray, sewing machine and coordinating thread.

1. Cut one piece of felt with Big Shot and Christmas tree die.  Line the felt up carefully so the design is centered.  Reserve tree cutouts for another use.

2.  Place uncut piece of felt on workspace.  Spray with basting spray.  Place batting on felt, making sure to center the batting.  Spray batting with basting spray.  Place fabric right side up on batting.

2. Lay cut felt on top of Christmas fabric.  Arrange so layers are all centered.  Carefully lift edges of top layer and spray baste.  (You don’t want a whole lot of basting spray on the fabric where it shows through the cut-outs.)

3.  Trim the trees. (Why yes, I did write this entire post for the sake of that pun.  Thanks for asking).  Using a rotary cutter and ruler, trim all the way around the coaster, about half an inch from where the design ends on each side (i.e.- measure half an inch from the point of the large tree on top, from the base of the trunk on the bottom, and from the bottom set of branches on the left and right.)

4. Quilt.  First quilt all the way around the coaster, about a quarter inch from the edge.  (You may want to peel back the felt layers and trim the fabric and batting if it’s in the way of this seam).  Then free-motion quilt near the edges of the tree cut-outs.  You could get uber-fancy and quilt within the trees as well.

5.  Finally, cut a tiny star from the scrap of yellow felt. Layer with a button, and hand sew over the gap left by the goofy trunk piece for the big tree.  (And yes, I did switch mug rugs between the last two photos, so they’re mirror images of each other.  I had a finished mug rug, and an in-progress one.  The in-progress one is still not quilted as of the writing of this post.  Hope that didn’t confuse anyone.)

TaDa!  How quick and easy was that?!  So quick that I need to go whip up about a dozen of them.  And figure out a way to explain “mug rug” on the gift tag.

Hope your holiday stitching is going wonderfully!


  1. Elizabeth says:

    Fun!!! You make me want a Sizzix! (Is there anything you do that I am not tempted to replicate?) On another note, I have my crown of leaves “pillowcased” and ready for quilting 🙂

  2. Hillary says:

    And then there are those of us, loyal readers, who would not need a tag explaining what mug rugs are… (Yes, I am unabashedly saying I would like to find one of these in or near my stocking this year… I’m sure Mom will too…) =0) So stinkin’ cute!!

  3. Elly D says:

    Thank you Emily for this great tutorial 🙂 I love the idea too. Ssssh I think Santa is bringing me a Sizzix BS for Christmas :)) I hope he remembers to put in a dye or two ;))

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