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Pattern Review- Teacup Pouches by Patchwork Pottery

When I began posting patterns through Craftsy, I had no idea that I was also joining a fabulously creative community.  The site offers a wealth of inspiration through pictures of member projects, and features like the daily top selling pattern listings.

One day on the top seller list, I discovered the Teacup Pouch  pattern. I realized that with this one lovely pattern, I could make so many Christmas gifts. They are a great size to hold hand sewing supplies, or sunglasses in the coffee cup, or any number of small items.

This pattern teaches you to create the teacup pouch featured on the cover, a tall coffee cup, and a hot cholcolate mug.  All three are adorable.  I highly recommend making the teacup first (even if you really only want the coffee mug), because all of her fabulously illustrated directions refer to the teacup. Oh, yeah, and practice on fun, but dispensable fabric.  Don’t be like me and jump straight in with the out-of-print fabric that your sister loves and you barely had enough of to make both sides!:)  This is an excellently written pattern, but you don’t need that kind of stress to get it right the first time!

Another feature I loved was the designer’s approachability.  I e-mailed her with a question about zipper sizes for the coffee cup pouch (because it is smaller on top than the teacup), and she graciously responded within a couple of hours.  You use the same size zipper and trim after attaching.  Honestly, I had no idea you could cut zippers.  But it worked!

The pattern included some really clever construction techniques.  Not to spoil the fun, but if you’re looking at the pattern and thinking you wouldn’t want to mess with that fiddly handle, think again.  She has an awesome tip to make that one of the most fun steps of the whole process.

All in all, I truly enjoyed making these cups, even if crafted pouches with zippers were out of my comfort zone. Good thing, too, since I still need to make a pouch for me!!

Happy Stitching!


  1. Isabel says:

    Love Mine!! And am so impressed with the zippers. I can’t do zippers. They scare me. You’ll have to show me how someday!!

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