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Valentine’s Day Fun

I can’t believe Valentine’s day is day after tomorrow.  To be honest, I thought it was still January.  This afternoon, we’ll be melting crayons in heart-shaped brownie molds and folding origami yodas for the older kids’ Valentine parties. 

On a quiltier note, I wanted to share with you some fun variations on my Conversation Pieces pattern.  The table runner above was made by my dear friend, Elizabeth.  I love her use of scale in the red prints to make each heart sparkle.  She has done an awesome job testing most of my patterns.  I must admit, I held my breath on this one a little bit, because the finishing on this pattern is a bit fiddly.  However, she started making a SECOND one, so it can’t be too bad!

I’m working on a second one too.  I had hoped to send it off before Valentine’s day, complete with candy heart messages tailored to the recipient, but. . . yeah.  It’s still patiently waiting its turn to be quilted.

You can also simplify this design into a mug rug.

He, he!  I love the pun-y phrases on that one!

To make the mug rug, follow the pattern directions to make a trio of hearts, then applique them onto a layer of felt.  I trimmed the first layer to a quarter inch past the hearts, then appliqued it to a second piece of felt.  (That’s actually cream felt, by the way.  Next time I’ll use a different color, as it looks too much like batting to me!)

Check out my Craftsy store this week for a special sale price on this pattern.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


  1. Elizabeth says:

    Oooo, so exciting to see it in print/blog/?? I wish I had thought of the mug rug. Maybe that will come soon. hmmm You know, you keep my project list very full 🙂

  2. Hillary says:

    Ooh! Love the red hearts as much as the conversation hearts- well done Elizabeth and Emily!! And the mug rugs are perfect… So, so fun! Wish we were up there quilting with y’all…

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