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New Pattern: Ladybug Picnic


I really, really wanted to name this pattern “Seven Silly Sisters”, since it is a variation on the classic Seven Sisters pattern.  But I was afraid people would assume the ladybugs were the sisters, and not trust a designer who couldn’t distinguish between 4 and 7. . . .


I can’t look at this little quilt without smiling.  I love the random arrangement of the ladybugs, almost like they were gathering for a cup of coffee and chat with good friends.  If you’ve never tried English paper piecing before, this pattern will walk you through the entire process.  If you’re a veteran piecer, you can pretty much follow the diagrams and skip the text altogether!  Of course, this pattern is also compatible with Inklingo shapes.

Regardless of your piecing preferences, the big shapes of this pattern help it go together quickly.  Start now, and you’ll have your own Ladybug Picnic ready in plenty of time for July 4th! (It’s also on special sale in my Craftsy store for a limited time!)

Happy Stitching!



  1. Hillary says:

    I love this! And given that your niece and nephew look for ladybugs every.where.we.go right now, I migh thave found my first English paper piecing project!

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