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Welcome to the Japanese Quilting Study Group!  This page will be updated monthly with all the posts in the JQSG series.  For 2014, we’ll be exploring the amazing work of master quilter Yoko Saito.

February- introduction to Japanese Taupe Color Theory

March- discovering Japanese Taupes in your own stash

Bonus post:  Little Crosses, a progress update on my first taupe project

April- excellent online sources for authentic Japanese Taupes

May-Little Crosses progress

June- Tackling a Yoko Saito purse project

July- Sharing the Journey

August- A Finish and Some Progress

September- Guest Post with Teresa Duryea Wong

October- A Yoko Saito Purse Finish!

November- Starting a Yoko Saito Quilt Project

December- Progress on the Hexagon and Fence Post Project

January 2015- Yoko Saito Sightings

Bonus post:  Hexagon Troubleshooting

February: Hand-Piecing Hexagons

March: Shizuko Kuroha

April: Quilt Progress

May: More Progress!

June: no post, apologies!

July: More Taupes and More Progress

August: A Quilt Finish

September: Teresa Duryea Wong’s New Book!

Reflections on Japanese Contemporary Quilts and Quilters

A Chat with Patricia Belyea of Okan Arts


  1. Celtic Cate says:

    YAY! So glad to have found you. I’ve been exploring Yoko Saito for several years now via her books. I’m THRILLED that several companies are beginning to translate many into English. I was looking for an excuse to buy the taupe study; your blog has inspired me to order it today (its addition to my Yoko Saito book library will officially make my collection an inheritance listed in my will!). One of Yoko’s books I have is in Chinese. Unfortunately, I didn’t know I could find it in French (which I could’ve translated!). It’s called “Daily Quilt,” and hopefully those translating Yoko’s books will pick this one next (please!). Thank you so much for your yearlong blog on this. Most sincerely, Cate

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