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Getting Started 

Check out my post here for tips and tricks when setting up your machine.

Make sure you have a good surge protector, and lots of test fabric sandwiches so you can start playing with your Artistic immediately.

Here are some of the links I have found most useful in my Artistic journey. Please note, that many of these links are to the Tin Lizzie webpage.  As far as I can tell, the only difference between the Tin Lizzie Sit Down and the Janome Artistic Sit Down is the decal sticker on the top of the machine. The manual linked below is the same as what came with my machine.

Janome Artistic Quilter user Manual

Trouble Shooting Videos and checklists:

First Adventures with the Tin Lizzie

(this is a really long video, but has good visuals of how to oil the machine, and a tip about oiling a spot NOT referenced in the manual.  I’ve oiled in that spot several times now, and noticed a difference in how my machine works)


What to do when the machine Jams

Helpful Tools

Having the right threads and bobbins makes a huge difference on this machine.  The following blog posts have reviews of products and tutorials for helping you get the best stitches possible.  Be sure to read the comments as well, since readers have chimed in with excellent advice on what helps them too. 

Some of my favorite tips from readers include:

Using Mega Bobbin Genies with the Artistic. They work!

Buying multiple bobbin cases.  I could never get the tension screw to stay in my original bobbin case.  I ordered extras off of Amazon for less than $20 apiece, and so far, they’re working wonderfully.

Using Prewound Bobbins with the Artistic

Using a Ruler Foot with the Artistic

Winding Bobbins for the Artistic


Once you’re up and running with your Janome Artistic, you’ll be amazed at the quilting you accomplish.  I love how much I have grown as a quilter since upgrading from quilting on a domestic machine.  Quilts that I make every year for our school’s service project  used to take several DAYS of quilting on my Janome 6600.  Now I can quilt them in under two hours, and I’m not sore from wrestling the quilt afterwards!

Coming soon- a Facebook group where Janome Artistic Owners can share tips, tricks, and lovely finishes! E-mail me, emily@thecaffeinatedquilter.com if you’d like to be a part of it!



  1. Betty Ireland says:

    Please add me to your Facebook group. I’m so happy to have found your website. I have this new machine and so excited to learn everything about it. I have always had Janome sewing machines. I feel they are such solid machines. So I was extremely excited when Janome came out with the new Artistic mid arm.

    • Carol Bowery says:

      So glad I found you – my Janome Artistic Quilter came and 1/2 the direction pages are missing – fortunately a friend has this machine and she is going to help me learn to put in the bobbin – all I got was how to thread it and how to put it together. So glad you shared using a surge protector, there are no pages with that information in my directions. Please add me to your Facebook list – thanks

  2. I’m so glad to find your blog. I am researching the AQ18 because I truly want one and my Janome dealer is just the best. So I;m here to learn all I can until DH gets tired of me talking about it and brings one home …. usually doesn’t take long. I’m off to join your facebook group too. I am brand new at FMQ but I am having a blast with the westalee rulers and FMQ by printing the design and following the lines. (Sounds like training wheels, doesnt it).?

    • Emily says:

      Hi Kat! So glad you’re here! The machine has it’s quirks, but it’s really fantastic. And the westalee rulers are awesome! I just sent a link to the facebook group– be sure to check out some of the recent posts about the Artistic ruler foot. It’s not made for the SD machine, so the visibility groove is in the wrong place for sit-down side-facing machines. I find that the open-toe foot that came with the machine works fine for most ruler work, but a couple of folks are looking into ways to file down the closed-toe foot to improve visibility.

  3. Conita Duncan says:

    Hi Emily!

    I am considering either the Janome Artistic or the Handiquilter sit-down versions. I see on earlier blogs that you considered a wide range of quilters, and I am wondering how you decided on the Janome. I have a Janome 6500 sewing machine that I love, so I am leaning that way, but I have heard good things about both. Any advice?

    Thanks so much!

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